Alexei R. Khokhlovkhokhlov
Full Professor, Head Chair of Polymer Physics
MSU Vice-Rector
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University


Education & Training:

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Specialist 1977 Physics
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University PhD 1979 Physics & Mathematics
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Doctor of Science 1983 Physics & Mathematics

Personal Statement:

Professor Alexei R. Khokhlov is an internationally recognized scientist known for his outstanding contributions to various branches of polymer science. In 1976, while he still was an undergraduate student, he proposed, together with I.M.Lifshitz and A.Yu.Grosberg, the theory of coil-globule transitions in linear macromolecules. Later, A.R.Khokhlov developed this theory for the analysis of a wide variety of phenomena in polymer science: collapse of gels, of polyelectrolyte macromolecules, compactization of DNA molecules etc. In 1979-1988, together with A.N.Semenov, Professor Khokhlov performed pioneering studies in the field of liquid-crystalline polymers. As a result, the theory of liquid-crystalline ordering in the solutions of stiff-chain macromolecules with partial flexibility was first developed. In 1998 Professor Khokhlov proposed an original biomimetic approach aimed to the synthesis of macromolecules with required functional properties. Nowadays the research team in computer simulation of various polymer systems which is headed by A.R.Khokhlov is one of the most active in the world. Experimental research in his group is connected with modification of polymer surfaces after their treatment in supercritical fluids, use of associating polymers in oil industry, synthesis of catalytic nanoparticles of controlled size immobilized in polymer matrices, developments of new materials for polymer membranes for fuel cells.

Prof. A.R. Khokhlov made an outstanding contribution to education in polymer science. He organized education of students in polymer physics at the Physics Department of Moscow State University, developed several lecture courses in this field, wrote several highly popular books and textbooks for students dedicated to polymers. Prof. A.R. Khokhlov was a scientific advisor in more than 50 PhD dissertations. During the period 1997-2002, he organized educational programs in polymer science at the University of Copenhagen and at the University of Ulm. Nowadays he is the Head of the MSU Nanotechnology Research and Education Centre where he developed new fully interdisciplinary education program at the crossroad of physics, chemistry and biology. 

Prof. A.Khokhlov is also known for his intensive international activities. In 2004-2005 he was the President of European Polymer Federation, works as the member of editorial boards of several international scientific journals (Langmuir, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Biomacromolecules, Molecular Physics, Progress in Polymer Science, etc..), organized many international scientific conferences. He holds the positions of Adjunct Professor of State University of New York in Stony Brook and Honorary Professor of the University of Ulm. In addition to Vice-Rector Position currently Prof. Khokhlov supervises 6 diverse research projects with total annual budget larger than 2 mln. USD per year. As a head of the Chair of Polymer and Crystal Physics, MSU Physics Department, Alexei Khokhlov manages research group of 60 people including Ph.D. and graduate students. He has more than 600 scientific papers, 7 books and 25 article reviews, more than 11000 citations, H-index 52. 


Assistant Professor, Moscow State University, 1979-1984
Associate Professor, Moscow State University, 1984-1988
Full Professor, Moscow State University, 1988-now
Head of the Chair of Polymer Physics and Crystal Physics, Moscow State University, 1993-now
Vice-Rector of Moscow State University, 2008-now
President of European Polymer Federation, 2004-2005
Member of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2008-now
Member of the Advisory Council on Science, Education and High Technologies for the President of Russian Federation, 2008-2011
Chairman of the Polymer Council of Russian Academy of Sciences, from 2002,
Vice-Chairman 1992-2002
Institute of Organo-Element Compounds, Head of Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Polymers, 1991-now
Foreign Special Visiting Professor, Nagoya University (Japan), 1992
Adjunct Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA), 1993-now
External Professor, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 1997-2002
Honorary Professor, Head of the Institute for Polymer Science, University of Ulm (Germany), 2002-now
Associate Member of IUPAC Macromolecular Division Committee, 1995-2003,
Titular Member, 1997-2001
Member of the Board of Macromolecular Physics Section of European Physical Society, 1999-now


USSR Prize in Physics for Young Scientists (1982),
Humboldt Research Award (Germany,1992),
Wolfgang Paul Research Award (Germany, 2002),
Lomonosov Prize for Pedagogical Achievements (2005),
Polymer Technology Netherlands Award (2005),
Russian Federation National Award for Science and Technology (2008)

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

1. Self-Assembling Nanofibers from Thiophene - Peptide Diblock Oligomers: A Combined Experimental and Computer Simulations Study Shaytan Alexey K.; Schillinger Eva-Kathrin; Khalatur Pavel G.; et al. ACS NANO  Volume: 5   Issue: 9   Pages: 6894-6909 (2011.

2. Structural and electrocatalytic features of Pt/C catalysts fabricated in supercritical carbon dioxide  Said-Galiyev Ernest E.; Nikolaev Alexander Yu.; Levin Eduard E.; et al. JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE ELECTROCHEMISTRY  Volume: 15   Issue:3   Pages: 623-633 (2011).

3. Atomistic and mesoscale simulation of polymer electrolyte membranes based on sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone)  Komarov P. V.; Veselov I. N.; Chu P. P.; et al. CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS  Volume: 487   Issue: 4-6   Pages: 291-296 (2010).

4. A simple model of a high temperature PEM fuel cell  Shamardina O.; Chertovich A.; Kulikovsky A. A.; et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY  Volume: 35   Issue: 18   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 9954-9962 (2010.

5. Morphology of Nafion Membranes: Microscopic and Mesoscopic Modeling  Galperin Dmitry; Khalatur Pavel G.; Khokhlov Alexei R. DEVICE AND MATERIALS MODELING IN PEM FUEL CELLS  Book Series: TOPICS IN APPLIED PHYSICS   Volume: 113   Pages: 453-482 (2009.

6. Formation of superhydrophobic surfaces by the deposition of coatings from supercritical carbon dioxide  Gallyamov M. O.; Nikitin L. N.; Nikolaev A. Yu.; et al. COLLOID JOURNAL  Volume: 69   Issue: 4   Pages: 411-424 (2007.

7. Palladium nanoparticles by electrospinning from poly(acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid)-PdCl2 solutions. Relations between preparation conditions, particle size, and catalytic activity  Demir MM; Gulgun MA; Menceloglu YZ; et al. MACROMOLECULES  Volume: 37   Issue: 5   Pages: 1787-1792 (2004.

8. Structural organization of water-containing Nafion: The integral equation theory  Khalatur PG; Talitskikh SK; Khokhlov AR MACROMOLECULAR THEORY AND SIMULATIONS  Volume: 11   Issue: 5   Pages: 566-586 (2002).