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Carl V. ThompsonThompson2
Stavros Salapatas Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Director, Materials Processing Center


Education & Training:

MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA S.B. 06/76 Materials Sci. and Eng.
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA S.M. 06/77 Applied Physics
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA Ph.D. 06/82 Applied Physics

Personal Statement:

I have carried out research on microstructured and nanostructured materials for 30 years.  Past research has predominantly focused on relationships among processing, structure, performance and reliability of materials for microelectronic and microelectromechanical devices and systems. Much of this research was sponsored by Industry and included collaborations with IBM, Intel, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Advanced Micro Devices and other semiconductor manufacturers. In addition to continued work on this area, recent work has also focused on templated self-assembly of arrays of nanomaterials and synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructured materials, with a focus on applications in energy devices, including Li-ion and Li-air batteries.  As PI of this the proposed Center, I bring the experience of having Co-Chaired the Program in Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for 12 years.  I have also served as President of the largest professional society in my field (the Materials Research Society).  I currently direct the Materials Processing Center and the Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory-MIT Program.


Summer Internships: Yale (1974), U.S. Steel (1975), G.E. R&D (1976) Research Associate: Harvard University (1976-82), 
Postdoctoral Research Associate, RLE, MIT (1982)
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (’83-’87), Associate Professor (’87-’92),
Professor (92’-presnt)
MIT Interim Head, Dept. of Materials Sciience an Engineering MIT (2011).
Visiting Research Fellow: Cambridge University (1990-91),
Max Planck Institut fur Metallforschung (1997-98),
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2012). 

Honors and Awards:

Innovation Award, Semiconductor Research Corporation (2009). 
Inaugural Fellow, Materials Research Society (2008).
Woody Award, Materials Research Society (2006).
Stavros Salapatas Chair (1998-present),
Best Paper Award, 9th Intl. Symp. on Physical and Failure Analysis of  Integrated Circuits (2002).
NSF Creativity Extension (2000-2001),
Alexander Von Homboldt Research Award (1997).
U.K. Science and Engineering Council Fellowship (1990). Bohmische Physical Society (elected member 1991).
Mitsui Career Development Assistant Professor of Contemporary Technology (1985-1987),
IBM Faculty Development Award (1984-1986),
IBM Postdoctoral Fellowship (1982-1983). 
Tau Beta Pi (1975).

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

1. G.D. Nessim, A.J. Hart, J.S. Kim, D. Acquaviva, J. Oh, Caitlin D. Morgan, Matteo Seita, J.S. Leib, and C.V. Thompson,  Tuning of  Vertically-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Diameter and Areal Density through Catalyst Pre-Treatment, Nano Letters 8, 3587 (2008).

2. W. K. Choi, T. H. Liew, M. K. Dawood, H. I. Smith , C. V. Thompson, and M. H. Hong, Synthesis of silicon nanowires and nanofin arrays using interference lithography and catalytic etching, Nano Letters 8, 3799 (2008).

3. Y. Li, Q. Guo, J.A. Kalb, and C.V. Thompson, Matching Glass-Forming Ability with the Density of the Amorphous Phase, Science 322, 1816 (2008). 

4. S.-W. Chang, V.P. Chuang, S.T. Boles, C.A. Ross, and C.V. Thompson, Densely-packed  arrays of ultrahigh-aspect-ratio silicon nanowire fabricated using block copolymer lithography and metal-assisted etching, Advanced Functional Materials 19, 2495 (2009).

5. G.D. Nessim, M. Seita, K.P. O’Brien, A.J. Hart, P. Delcoix, and C.V.  Thompson, Low Temperature Synthesis of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes with Ohmic  Contact to Metallic Substrates Enabled by Thermal Decomposition of the Carbon Feedstock, Nano Letters 9, 3398 (2009).

6. J. Leib, R. Monig, C.V. Thompson, Direct Evidence for Effects of Grain Structure on Reversible  Compressive Deposition Stresses in Polycrystalline Gold Films, Phys. Rev. Letters 102, 256101 (2009).

7. G.D. Nessim, D. Acquaviva, M. Seita, K.P. O’Brien, and C.V. Thompson, The Critical Role of the Underlayer Material and Thickness in Grown Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers on Metallic Substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition, Adv. Funct. Mat. 20, 1306 (2010).

8. J. Yun, Rui Wang, M. H. Hong,  J. T. L. Thong, Y. L. Foo, C. V. Thompson, and W. K. Choi, Converting carbon nanofibers to carbon nanoneedles: catalyst splitting and reverse motion, Nanoscale 2, 2180 (2010).

9. J. Ye and C.V. Thompson, Templated Solid-State Dewetting to Controllably Produce Complex Patterns, Advanced Materials 23, 1567 (2011).

10. R.R. Mitchell, B.M. Gallant, C.V. Thompson and Y. Shao-Horn, All-carbon-nanofiber electrodes for high-energy rechargeable Li–O2 batteries, Energy Environ. Sci. 4, 2952 (2011).


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2. Rechargeable metal-air batteries

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