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Paula T. Hammondhammond
David H. Koch Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT


Education & Training:

MIT, Cambridge, MA BS 1984 Chemical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA MS 1988 Chemical Engineering
MIT, Cambridge, MA Ph.D. 1993 Chemical Engineering
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Postdoctoral 1995 Chemistry Fellow

Personal Statement:

My research program focuses on the self-assembly of polymeric nanomaterials, and the core of my lab’s work involves a combination of synthetic design and the use of electrostatics and other complementary interactions to generate functional thin films. By using directed and self-assembly of polymers, new materials surfaces and membranes are designed that manipulate ionic, electronic, and molecular transport. By combining polymers with other nanomaterials ranging from carbon nanostructures to metals and metal oxides, we have developed means of generating self-assembled materials systems for electrochemical energy devices, ranging from fuel cells and batteries to photovoltaics.  Ultimately, our contributions to this collaboration will entail the use of this versatile approach toward organic and inorganic composite thin films generated with high levels of control for electrochemical energy electrode and separator applications.  This work will be facilitated by several strong collaborative relationships with other members of the research team.   

Positions and Honors:

1984-1986 Process Engineer I, II, Motorola, Inc.            
1986-1988 Research Engineer I,  Georgia Tech Research Institute       
1993-1995 Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry Dept., Harvard University      
1995-2000 Herman P. Meissner Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, MIT 
2000-2001 Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, MIT       
2002-present Joseph P. Mares Associate Professor with tenure, Chemical Engineering, MIT 
2003-2006 Mark Hyman Jr. Career Chair Associate Prof., Chemical Engineering, MIT  
2006-2011 Bayer Chair Full Professor, Chemical Engineering, MIT
2008-2011  Executive Officer, Chemical Engineering, MIT
2011-present David H. Koch Professor of Chemical Engineering   

Professional Activities and Memberships:

2007-present  Associate Editor, ACS Nano Editorial Board, Macromolecules 


1997 NSF CAREER Award for Young Investigators  
2006 Fellow, American Physical Society, elected at
2006 APS Council Meeting
2006 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award 
2010  Distinguished Scientist Award, Harvard Foundation, Harvard University
2011 Top 100 Materials Scientists of the Decade
2000-2010, Times Higher Education
2011  David H. Koch Professor of Engineering Chair
2012  American Chemical Society Polymer Chemistry Division Fellow

Publications (selected from over 200 peer-reviewed publications):

1. M.N. Hyder, S.W. Lee, F.C. Cebeci, D.J. Schmidt, Y. Shao-Horn, and P.T. Hammond, "Layer-by-Layer Assembled Polyaniline Nanofiber/Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Electrodes for High-Power and High-Energy Storage Applications", ACS Nano, 5, 8552-8561 (2011).

2. J.F. Qi, X.N. Dang, P.T. Hammond, and A.M. Belcher, "Highly Efficient Plasmon-Enhanced Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells through Metal@Oxide Core-Shell Nanostructure". ACS Nano 5, 7108-7116, (2011).

3. X. Dang, H.Yi, M-H Ham, J. Qi, D. S. Yun, R. Ladewski, M.S. Strano, P.T. Hammond and A.M. Belcher, “Virus-templated self-assembled single-walled carbon nanotubes for highly efficient electron collection in photovoltaic devices”, Nature Nanotechnology, 6, 377-384  (2011).

4. S.W. Lee, B.M. Gallant, H.R. Byon, P.T. Hammond, and Y. Shao-Horn, “Nanostructured Carbon-Based Electrodes: Bridging the Gap between Thin-Film Lithium-ion Batteries and Electrochemical Capacitors”, Invited Perspective, Energy & Environmental Science, 4, 1972-1985 (2011). 

5. B.-S. Kim, S.W. Lee, H. Yoon, M.S. Strano, Y. Shao-Horn, P.T. Hammond, “Pattern transfer printing of multi-walled carbon nanotube multilayers and application in biosensors”, Chemistry of Materials, 22, 4791–4797 (2010).

6. S.W. Lee, N. Yabuuchi, B.M. Gallant, S. Chen, B.-S. Kim, P.T. Hammond, Y. Shao-Horn “High-power lithium batteries from functionalized carbon-nanotube electrodes”, Nature Nanotechnology 5, 531-537 (2010).

7.  A.A. Argun, J. N.Ashcraft, M.K. Herring, D.K.Y. Lee, H.R. Allcock and P.T. Hammond, and “Ion Conduction and Water Transport in Polyphosphazene-Based Multilayers”, Chemistry of Materials, 22(1), 226-232 (2010).

8. K.C. Krogman, J.L. Lowery, Nicole S. Zacharia, G.C. Rutledge, and P.T. Hammond, “Spraying Asymmetry into Functional Membranes Layer-by-Layer”, Nature Materials, 8, 512-518 (2009). 

9. S.W. Lee, B.S. Kim, S. Chen, Y. Shao-Horn and P.T. Hammond, “Layer-by-Layer Assembly of All Carbon Nanotube Ultrathin Films for Electrochemical Applications”, JACS, 131, 671–679 (2009).

10. A.A. Argun, J. N. Ashcraft, and P. T. Hammond  “Highly Conductive, Methanol Resistant Polyelectrolyte Multilayers", Advanced Materials, 20, 1539-1543 (2008).


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