Alexander N. Obraztsovobraztsov
Full Professor, Head of Laboratory
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University


Education & Training:

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Diploma Specialist (MSc) 1981 Physics
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Candidate of Science (PhD) 1986 Physics & Mathematics
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Doctor of Science 2001 Physics & Mathematics

Personal Statement:

Professor Alexander N. Obraztsov is working at present time in the fields related to production, characterization and application of carbon materials. In 1995-1996 he established a new Laboratory of Carbon Materials at Chair of Polymer and Crystal Physics of Physics Department of MV Lomonosov Moscow State University. An original method of a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) of carbon films in plasma of a direct current gas discharge was proposed and developed by Prof. Obraztsov and his co-workers during 1996-1999. New nanostructured carbon materials (nanographite, nanoscrools of polygonal cross section etc.) were obtained and investigated as a result of this efforts. At present time the research team headed by Prof. Obraztsov is working on development and study of CVD methods for carbon films production, on characterization of structural and physical properties of carbons and elaboration of scientific approaches for application of the carbon materials mainly in electronics and optoelectronic, as well as in electrochemistry, biotechnology and other fields. 

Prof. A.N. Obraztsov is participating in organization of education of students of MV Lomonosov Moscow State University in the fields of nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and nanodevices as a Vice-Director of Research and Educational Centre of Moscow State University in Nanotechnology. He personally has lectured at the Physics Department of Moscow State Universityon “Physical Principles of Nanotechnology”, “Physics of Crystal Surface”, and “Physics of Carbon Films”. During the period 1999-2001, he was a Full Professor at Kochi University of Technology (Kochi, Japan) where he organize CVD Carbon Laboratory. Since 2006 he is working as Part-time Professor and Director of Research at Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Eastern Finland where he establish new laboratory unit working in field of nanocarbon materials for photonics, optoelectronics and nano-electromechanics.  Prof. A.N. Obraztsov is the member of editorial boards of international scientific journals Review of Scientific Instruments (since 2012) and ISRN Nanotechnology (since 2011). He is the member of Russian Expert Corpus, since 2009, the member Expert Councils of Onexim and Technoexim Corp. (2006-2009). He was the member of Organizing and Program Committees of a few international scientific conferences. Prof. Obraztsov is PI of 4 research projects funded by Russian organizations, 2 projects funded by the funding agencies in Finland and 1 project funded by the European FP7 program. Alexander Obraztsov manages research groups including 2 Ph.D, 4 PhD students, and 6 graduate students at Moscow State University. He has about 120 scientific papers, 8 patents and patent applications, more than 1000 citations, H-index 18.

Positions and Honors:

Laboratory Assistant, Department of Physics of Moscow State University, 1979-1981
Researcher, Department of Physics of Moscow State University, 1981-1986
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics of Moscow State University, 1986-1990
Scientists, Nuclear Physics Institute of Moscow State University, 1990-1992
Senior Scientists, Nuclear Physics Institute of Moscow State University,
1992-1995 Senior Scientists, Department of Physics of Moscow State University,
1995-2000 Senior Scientists, Department of Physics of Moscow State University,
1995-2002 Leading Scientists, Department of Physics of Moscow State University,
2002-2005 Professor, Department of Physics of Moscow State University,

Other appointments:

Visiting Researcher, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba, Japan, 1995
Docent, Technical University of Building Engineering, Moscow, Russia,1986-1989
R&D Project Director, TETRA Co., Ltd., Moscow, Russia, 1993-1998
Professor, Kochi University of Technology, Kochi, Japan, 1999-2002
Senior Scientist, Technological Institute of Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials, Troitsk, Russia, 2002-2004
Professor and Director of Research (part time), University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland, 2006-now
Technical Director of Gramond Oy, Joensuu, Finland – 2009-2010 
Vice-Director of Educational and Research Center on Nanotechnology at Moscow State University, 2009-now

Honors & Awards:

Matsumae International Foundation Research Award (Japan), 1995

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

1. P.A. Obraztsov, M.G. Rybin, A.V. Tyurnina, S.V. Garnov, E.D. Obraztsova, A.N. Obraztsov, Y.P. Svirko, Broadband Light-induced Absorbance Change in Multilayer Graphene, NanoLetters, 11(2011)1540

2. A.N. Obraztsov Chemical vapour deposition. Making graphene on a large scale. Nature Nanotechnology 4(2009)212.

3. A.N. Obraztsov, D.A. Lyashenko, S. Fang, R.H. Baughman, P.A. Obraztsov, S.V. Garnov, Y.P. Svirko, Photon drag effect in carbon nanotube yearns, Appl. Phys. Lett. 94(2008)231112.

4. A.N. Obraztsov, E.A. Obraztsova, A.V. Tyurnina, A.A. Zolotukhin, Chemical vapor deposition of thin graphite films of nanometer thickness, Carbon 45(2007)2017. 

5. Obraztsov A.N., Pavlovsky I., Volkov A.P., Obraztsova E.D., Chuvilin A.L., Kuznetsov V.L., Aligned carbon nanotube films for cold cathode applications, , J. ACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY B  18(2000)1059-1063 

6. Pavlovsky I.Y., Volkov, A.P., Petrov A.S., Petrov V.I., Rakova E.V., Roddatis V.V.,Electron field emission and structural properties of carbon chemically vapor-deposited films, Obraztsov A.N., DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS   8(1999)814-819


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