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Danil M. Itkisitkis
Assistant Professor
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University


Education & Training:

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University B.S. 06/05 Materials science
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University M.S. 01/07 Materials science
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University PhD 04/10 Materials science and electrochemistry

Personal Statement:

For the last 5 years I’ve been working on high-energy lithium batteries. My research involves utilization of soft chemistry approaches for synthesis of nanostructured cathode and anode materials, investigation of its structure and micromorphology, and development of spectroscopic in situ techniques for analysis of electrode process pathways and degradation mechanisms in lithium-metal-polymer and lithium-air batteries. Most recent work was focused on operando ambient pressure XPS studies that could be applied for investigation of metal-air battery and fuel cell electrodes.  


Engineer, Dept. of Materials Science, Moscow State University, 2006-2010
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Materials Science, Moscow State University, 2010-now
Junior research fellow, Dept. of Chemistry, Moscow State University, 2010-2011
Research fellow, Dept. of Chemistry, Moscow State University, 2011-now
Board member, FM Lab company, 2011-now 


Leonard Euler scholarship (Germany, 2007),
MSU prize for young scientists (2010)

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

1. V.A. Krivchenko, D.M. Itkis, S.A. Evlashin, D.A. Semenenko, E.A. Goodilin, A.T. Rakhimov, A.S. Stepanov, N.V. Suetin, A.A. Pilevsky, P.A. Voronin, Carbon nanowalls decorated with silicon for lithium – ion batteries, Carbon, 50, 1438-1442 (2012.

2. D.A. Semenenko, D.M. Itkis, T.L. Kulova, T.S. Yashuk, A.M. Skundin, E.A. Goodilin, Yu.D. Tretyakov, Fabrication of microporous cathode materials containing polyaniline–vanadia self-scrolled nanoribbons, Electrochimica Acta, 63, 329-334 (2012.

3. D.A. Semenenko, A.Ya. Kozmenkova, D.M. Itkis, E.A. Goodilin, T.L. Kulova, A.M. Skundin, Yu.D. Tretyakov, Growth of thin vanadia nanobelts with improved lithium storage capacity in hydrothermally aged vanadia gels, Cryst Eng Comm, 14, 1561-1567 (2012).

4. G. Aleshin, D. Semenenko, A. Belova, T. Zaharchenko, D. Itkis, E. Goodilin, Yu. Tretyakov, Protected anodes for lithium-air batteries, Solid State Ionics, 184, 62-64 (2011.

5. D.A. Semenenko, D.M. Itkis, E.A. Pomerantseva, E.A. Goodilin, T.L. Kulova, A.M. Skundin, Y.D. Tretyakov, LixV2O5 nanobelts for high capacity lithium-ion battery cathodes, Electrochem. Comm., 12, 1154-1157 (2010).

6. E. A. Goodilin, E. A. Pomerantseva, V. V. Krivetsky, D. M. Itkis, J. Hester, Yu. D. Tretyakov, A simple method of growth and lithiation of Ba6Mn24O48 whiskers, J Mater Chem, 15, 1614-1620 (2005).

7. E.A.Pomerantseva, D.M.Itkis, E.A.Goodilin, J.G.Noudem, M.V.Lobanov, M.Greenblatt, Yu.D.Tretyakov, Homogeneity field and magnetoresistance of the Ca(Mn, Cu)7O12 solid solution prepared in oxygen, J Mater Chem, 14, 1150-1156 (2004).

8. D.M. Itkis, E.A. Goodilin, A.M. Balagurov, I.A. Bobrikov, A.S. Sinitskii, Y.D. Tretyakov, Preparation-dependent properties of Ca(Mn,Cu)7O12 CMR materials, Solid State Comm, 139 380-385 (2006).


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1. Advanced lithium ion and
multivalent ion batteries
2. Rechargeable metal-air batteries

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