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Published in CEE


Keith Stevenson


  • June 2014; Professor SkolTech
  • Professor, Department of Chemistry, UT-Austin
  • UT-Austin, Director, Center for Nano- and Molecular Science and Technology
  • Consultant: Eveready Battery Company, Inc., Dow Corning, Xidex, Inc., International Sematech, Freescale Semiconductor, Ironbridge Technologies, Inc., Air Products, Inc., Soladigm, Adesto.
  • Chair Elect Gordon Research Conference on Electrochemistry, 2014

Atomic and molecular structure; interactions of atoms and molecules at surfaces; interfacial electrochemistry and development of electrochemical theory and methods; molecular transport phenomena; scanning probe microscopies (STM, AFM, and SECM); optical microscopy; development of optical imaging methodologies and surface-sensitive analytical techniques; materials chemistry; development of electrochemical synthetic techniques; chemical sensors; analytical device miniaturization; energy storage and conversion.

Carl V. Thompson

  • Stavros Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Director, Materials Processing Center
  • Co-Chair, Program in Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems, Singapore Alliance, 2000-2014

Templated self-assembly of arrays of nanomaterials and synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructured materials, with a focus on applications in energy devices, including Li-ion and Li-air batteries

Alexei Khokhlov

  • Academician Russian Academy of Science
  • Professor of Physics
  • Vice-Rector of the Moscow State University. University, 2008 -
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University

Polymer physics, physical chemistry of polyelectrolytes and ionomers, computer simulations of polymer systems, fuel cells with proton-conducting polymer membrane

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I. Advanced lithium ion and multivalent ion batteries

  • New Li electrode materials with higher capacities or lower cost
  • New electrode materials for polyvalent ions (e.g. Mg2+)
  • Low cost organic electrode materials
  • Na intercalation electrode materials suspension based aqueous flow batteries
  • Electrolyte and membrane development

II. Rechargeable metal-air batteries

  • Fundamental studies oxygen reduction and evolution
  • Design and synthesis of nanostructured electrodes
  • Electrolyte and membrane development

III. Fuel and Electrolysis Cells

  • SOFC/SOEC electrolyte and electrode materials with improved conductivity and catalytic activity
  • PEMFC/PEMEC electrolyte membranes with improved conductivity/mechanical stability

Cross-cutting themes:

  • Computational: simulation, materials and device design
  • Advances in materials synthesis: crystalline, molecular, nano, micro
  • Advances in characterization: in-situ atomic and molecular processes
  • Prototyping

Materials design principles

  • For materials and architectures with enhanced ORR/OER kinetics
  • For computational design and control of the redox potentials of electrode materials
  • For design of high-rate aqueous suspension-based flow cells

New materials

  • New Li-ion electrodes with higher gravimetric energy (>20%) and cycle life
  • Materials for reversible Mg intercalation for Mg-ion batteries
  • High efficiency SOFC and SOEC electrodes
  • Polymer membranes with lithium and proton transport
  • Organic cathodes with specific energy comparable to Li-ion
  • Suspension-based aqueous flow cathodes and anodes with 10-fold increased capacity (compared to flow cathodes)

Benchtop scale demonstrators

  • Aqueous and nonaqueous metal-air batteries
  • Aqueous suspension-based flow cell


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1. Advanced lithium ion and
multivalent ion batteries
2. Rechargeable metal-air batteries

3. Fuel & electrolysis cells




Seed: Systems Level Analysis

red dot inorganic synthesis/materials design

orange dot polymer/organic synthesis

green dot materials characterization

purple dot theory/computation

blue dot materials integratiom/electrochemical evaluation


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